Build the most effective company labor rules

Each company and business that wants to operate effectively needs to have its own rules to help employees realize responsibilities and fulfill the company's goals. Follow the article below to learn with us how to build the most effective company labor rules.

Things to have when building a company labour rules

In order to build a complete labor regulation, the following contents must be ensured:

Working time: According to state regulations, the working time will be guaranteed at least 8 hours/day and 5 days/week, but depending on the nature and operation of the company, the time will be regulated. work more flexibly, still ensuring the working power and efficiency that the staff brings. However, there should also be regulations on penalties when employees are late to work so that the operation of the company is always on time.


Regulations on manners: Employees need to understand the regulations on workplace etiquette, these are the contents of appearance, dress, fulfillment of job responsibilities, do's and don'ts do to ensure discipline in each company

Regulations on company property: Employees will have their own regulations when using company assets, not to use company assets outside the scope of the office and must be responsible for preserving their belongings. , this property. Without this, employees will use it inefficiently, causing damage to workplace assets

Regulations on occupational safety: There will be many times during working hours when employees will have some unexpected work, however, if employees want to go out to solve these problems, they need to consult the manager. physical. At the same time, there will also be some other rules that employees should note

Above are some of the contents that should be included in the company's internal regulations, if you want to build a complete copy of the internal regulations for your company, you can contact Faro VietNam. This is a unit specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for companies

In addition, this address has a staff of staff ready to assist customers to answer any questions. Or visit the website: https://www.farorecruitment.com.vn/ for more information/.

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